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 I myself paid my dowry by having my old lovers kissed and gave it to my in-laws.

 Hello friends, I Rupali kaur welcome all of you to the non veg story. I have been reading non-veg story stories regularly for the last 2 years. Don't know how many times I have licked my pussy after reading these cool sexy stories and don't know how many times men have fucked me after reading the stories here. That's why I have decided that I will definitely tell my story to you readers. First of all let me tell you that I am a very sexy woman. My mum is 34 and the whole figure is 34, 30, 32. There is a lot of lust in my eyes and even a man who sees me once, immediately starts thinking about fucking me.

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I had 12 boyfriends in my maternal house. I used to get her kissed of my own free will. My boyfriend used to take great care of me and used to take me to new restaurants every day and used to make a lot of fun. Instead of this, he used to chud me wholeheartedly and used to quench the fire of his lode. Friends, how many boys used to give money and fuck me. With that money, I used to buy expensive purses, sandals, clothes and used to make a lot of money. But guys, my fun could barely last for 89 years. Some naughty boys pulled my dupatta at the middle of the crossroads and tried to fuck me the same. With this my father understood that his girl is now young. Before a boy rapes me in a crowded market, my father started talking about marriage. After few days he found a good relation for me. My marriage got fixed. My father, who is a lawyer with money, got me married in Mumbai with great pomp. My father was a petty lawyer. I could not get much less but still my father spent 67 lakh rupees in my marriage. When the in-laws asked for 5 lakh cash, the father gave them the money. But friends, after 2 months of getting married, I started getting harassed. My in-laws, my husband, mother-in-law, father-in-law and father-in-law started demanding 5 lakhs and motorcycles, gold chains, and 5 lakhs more cash. When my father refused to give the money, my in-laws started beating me. My husband and mother-in-law used to beat me with a broom. Friends, understand that I was trapped in hell. But my father should not be slandered, but he was tolerating everything. When my father did not give money to the dowry greedy people on repeated requests, he threw me out of the house. 

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Ranju!! My love !! I have heard that your in-laws harassed you physically and mentally. Your husband killed your pussy and your mother-in-law killed you???' said Neil

Somehow I reached home crying and you narrated the past. "daughter !! Now you don't need to go to that hell! You stay here!" Papa said. After few days my life became normal. My boyfriend started meeting me again and started asking for my pussy. My special boyfriend Neil wanted to fuck me. I asked him for money and once he asked for 1000 to fuck, he immediately agreed. I went to his house. After how many days today I got a chance to meet Neil. I got engaged to him and we both started kissing each other.

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 After loving each other for 10 minutes, his penis had come again in a formidable form.
He held my hand and got it placed on his LND.
"Yes !! That sister!! Too greedy for money!! To give money to those bastards, 
I am asking you for money, otherwise I would have given you pussy for free!” 
I told Neil. After that we both took off our clothes. Neil took off his vest and underwear and I took off your sari too. 
Then I unbuttoned my blouse and then took off my bra and panties. Friends, 
my marriage had been difficult for only 4 months, due to which I could not kiss much. 
I started joking with my old boyfriend Neil. We both came in each other'
s arms and started talking dirty talk of pussy and fuck. Neil started drinking my boobs. 
Friends, my boobs were very big and tight. The boy who used to see me once, 
his cock would stand up immediately.

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