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Sex is such a special moment and time where you get a chance to spend the best time with your partner. In which you feel close to your partner physically and emotionally. But often people do not understand how to initiate sex. Especially for those who have sex for the first time, it is more difficult. Because if you want to enjoy sex to the fullest, then the beginning will be better, only then will it be enjoyed. So take today we have brought some special tips for you that will help you in how to start a physical relationship with your partner. And take special care of the fact that not only men but women can also try these tips because only when there is a lot of pleasure in sex, then both the partners express their excitement towards each other. 

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tips to initiate sex
First of all, keep your mind fresh, and only think about how to enjoy during sex, so that can help you to be excited for sex and make it enjoyable. Now let's know in detail some special tips for the beginning of sex.

 Make the atmosphere romantic
To initiate sex, it is very important for the atmosphere to be romantic, for example, for this you keep your sleeping place absolutely clean, sprinkle perfume in the room, the woman wears a beautiful and sexy nighty, and both fingers each other. Attract each other for sex by putting fingers in. And it is important for the atmosphere to be romantic so that you can enjoy sex, because if the atmosphere itself is not romantic then how will it begin.

 eliminate hesitation
Many times, even after being in a relationship, people hesitate to have sex with each other, where women do not express their desire, sometimes men also do not refuse women, that is why they keep hesitating. Due to which the enjoyment of sex life starts decreasing gradually, but if you want your sex life to be always young, then you should completely eliminate your hesitation with your partner and express what you want from your partner.

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caress partner
When you do dirty talk with your partner or watch a porn movie, you should rub their parts with your hands, by doing this they get agitated more quickly. And if you want, you can kiss their hands by taking them in your hands. Kiss on their shoulder, stroke their hair, put your hand around their waist and pull them towards you, all helping to warm up the atmosphere. And it helps to increase the excitement of you and your partner towards sex.

When your partner starts getting a little excited, after that you kiss on their lips, the longer and better you kiss them, the more and faster you start pulling them towards you. Also, if she catches you faster while kissing and is better than you while kissing, then it is a sign for the woman to be fully excited for sex.

no one in the middle
While kissing, you should come so close with your partner that there is no one between you, that is, you should first take off your partner's clothes so that physically both of you can feel each other and feel more warm. It helps, and then you should feel it on your partner's body part.

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Take care of sex position
If you are having sex for the first time, then during sex you can enjoy the basic position in which the woman is down and the man is up. But if you want to increase the fun of sex and are always getting bored of having sex in the same way, then to increase the thrill of sex, you can try something new together with your partner, but in which you feel comfortable. Do, by doing this you can increase the fun of sex.

enjoy it slowly
To increase the fun of sex, do not speed up, but stop for a while, and enjoy sex slowly. By doing this, you can spend more time in bed with your partner, and if you speed up then both your partner and you are not able to enjoy sex freely. At the same time, by speeding up, sex becomes like work and somewhere it reduces the fun of sex life.

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